Jim aka "Lecoupdulapin" is a French Art Director and Graphic Designer from south of France.
He worked as a freelancer for several agencies in Paris : DDB°, TBWA Ecxel, ISOBAR and any more.
His works have been published on Adobe Advanced Creation and Compurter Arts Magazine.
In 2009 he participated in the European exhibition organized by Graffiti Art magazine which gathered 70 European artists.
Logo Of The Day Award 2009
Logo From Dreams Awards 2008
"Le mythe & la marque Che Guevarra"
70 artistes réinterprètent le mythe du Che et explorent les multiples facettes du héros culte devenu marque et logo de produits-prêts-à-adorer.
Galerie Suty, Paris, en partenariat avec Graffiti Art Magazine, Artaq et LeMur
Computer Arts magazine, Future Publishing Ltd. July / August 2012, N° 159, England.
Creanum Magazine Formats Presse, 2012, Paris.
Advanced Creation Hors Série n°9, 150p., August 2011, Paris.
LogoTalks, Editions Artpower International Publish Co.,Ltd, 2010, Paris, 145p.
Graphica Nissarda, Nissarde Provenç'art and Aux Parisiennes™ are trademarks owned by Lecoupdulapin
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