The Dalecarlian horse ("Dalahäst" in Swedish) is a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette.
In the old days the Dala horse was used as a toy for children, in modern times it has become a symbol of Swedish traditional handcraft and it is present in every home.

This project is intended to propose versions of this familiar object for Iphone.
It is available in different colors and materials, plain or modelled on famous designer's creations for scandinavian traditional brands.

The examples presented here :
Brands : Gustavsberg, Rörstrand, Sagaform, DesignTorget, Marimekko.
Designers : Sanna Annukka, Stig Lindberg, Josef Frank, Estrid Ericson, Marianne Westman, Camilla Engdahl, Lotta Odelius, Maija Isola and Erja Hirvi.

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