"The Universal Self", 2011
Client : Monte-Carlo Records
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The band plays indie & electro rock
They formed in 2006 as a side-project from another band called The Great Flow in the South of France near the town of Nice, France.
It was originally a power-trio (with Seub Gerrard on bass guitar) playing music influenced by Interpol, Pink Floyd and Noir Désir. They are found in 2008 by a label from Monaco (Monte-Carlo Records) and the first EP Somewhere is produced. They then decided to add a fourth member (Did Kwo) as the music got more complex and ambitious. In 2011, The Universal Self, their first album, moves to more indie-electro influences with folk, world music, progressive rock and alt rock.
In 2013, they have a new bassist (Lucas Henry) and they continue their journey towards emotional and meaningful soundscapes with their new EP Lion Day.
Since then the band is half on hold with Julien and Aymeric as sole members.

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